About us

We are a remote team of programmers working together on our clients' projects.

Piotr Osiński - owner | Linkedin

I started my adventure with programming in 2005, creating simple websites. I took seriously for my career development when I started working at the Galileo interactive agency in 2009. Since then, I have been gathering experience and knowledge in Warsaw IT companies, including Adpilot, an internet marketing company, where I had contact with systems processing huge amounts of data.

Programming has become my passion and I am constantly expanding my knowledge in this topic, I try to learn something new from every project.

I am currently creating the Code Fibers team in remote team mode, permanently cooperating with mobile programmers, frontend as well as ux graphics and designers. I coordinate each project in person, making sure that the solution provided is of the highest quality.

I offer strategic advice to companies that undergo the digitization process in order to become organizations whose decisions are based on hard data and their facilities are in the cloud. I help in the selection of solutions and their suppliers.

About Code Fibers

Customers from around the world

We work for clients from Australia, Asia, USA, UK and Poland.

Scrum / Agile

Projects are implemented in Agile methodologies or 1-2 week sprints.

Flat fee / Time & Materials

We value the project with a fixed fee. For larger projects, we divide it into stages and price each separately after completion of each stage or work in T & M mode.

Programming languages

The main languages ​​in which our solutions are created: Golang, Nodejs, Lua, PHP, JavaScript

Databases and data buses

PostgresSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Kafka, DynamoDB, Redis, BigQuery, Druid, Neo4j


We work with cloud providers AWS, GCP, OVH. We use CI / CD, we write tests and constantly monitor projects that we maintain