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Data & analytics

We create solutions for integration, data ordering and searching. For this purpose, we use databases and specialized Big Data solutions. We are not foreign to the terms data mining, data scraping, data pipelines.


Web & backoffice development

Most of our projects are around the internet. We create specialized frontend and backoffice applications that streamline and automate our clients' internal processes.


Operations & architecture

We start working with the client from the stage of designing the system architecture. After completion, we maintain and monitor the project (DevOps).


Mobile development

We create mobile apps for iOS and Android in React Native and Flutter. We provide complete backends to mobile applications along with administration and user panels.


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How do we work?


We work in both the fixed price and time & materials model, it depends on the client which variant will choose, each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for selected projects.


Each project starts with a precise definition of the project's objectives and building a detailed specification, all in close cooperation with the client with whom we conduct the interview.


The next step is to choose the right technologies and tools. We have a wide spectrum of knowledge which always allows us to choose the best. We write the code in the Test Driven Development methodology, thus ensuring a high quality code that is free of bugs and technological debt.


The end of the project is the time for the last corrections and modifications. We submit the project together with the technical-commissioning documentation, at the client's request we can also take care of the project's maintenance, ie purchase of resources in the data center and launching applications on them, as well as later monitoring of its operation and reacting to stability and performance fluctuations.

Project estimation

Contract and specification creation

Development and testing

Handover and maintenance of the project