Web & backoffice apps development

We build applications for the back of your business

Applications supporting processes

The applications we build reflect the processes inside your company and support their operation. We include business logic in the code, which eliminates human error factors and allows us to track progress of those processes from anywhere.

We have supported the parcel shipment process More >

CRM and Intranet

Do you have a large customer base and want to start automating its service? Or maybe the knowledge in your company is scattered and difficult to access for new employees? You've come to the right place, we will help you in building the IT part of your business.

We have built a CRM for Call Center More >

Content management panels, portals and client applications

We build content websites, portals and web applications, each with a polished administrative panel created for the requirements of a specific project.

We have built a CMS to handle thousands of pages More >