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What is Golang?

Golang is a statically typed, compiled language reminiscent of C. It was created by Google as a response to the growing demand for cloud solutions. It is characterized by a number of solutions that facilitate learning and working with a language, while not limiting its functionality. The unique features of the language include constructs that allow you to easily write programs that use multithreading: goroutines and channels.

What is goroutine? This is a so-called light thread that shares memory with other gorutines but has its own execution context. It differs from the standard system thread in that it is much "cheaper" to create and use, which allows you to start thousands or even hundreds of thousands of goroutines in one program.

What is a channel? A channel is a simple FIFO queue in the program's memory, it is used to improve communication between goroutines in Golang according to the "do not communicate by sharing memory; instead of share memory by communicating" principle. According to this, communication between threads should take place by sending messages between them, thus eliminating the need to block resources using mutexes and thus eliminating the cause of a significant number of errors in concurrent programming.

Golang development

We can develop whole projects for you based on you input specification. We help you and your team migrate existing codebase to Golang. Create microservices and deploy to cloud provider of your choice - AWS, Azure, GCP. We help DevOps - by simplifying and automating deployment scenarios.

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Golang consulting

We have over 6 years of experience. Trust us and let us share our knowledge and experience. We help companies with digital transformation as well as existing projects.

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Golang training

We can create a custom training programme for you developers, the training will be led by us. We have experience in both teaching and running Golang workshops. We always care for the maximum efficiency, training groups are small (4-7 programmers) and filled with knowledge and experience.

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Golang source code audit

The audit allows determining the quality of the code and compliance with the presented documentation or guidelines. During the audit, we will check compliance with good practices and design patterns. We will make sure that the code is free of technological debt, works correctly and efficiently.

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