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Communication as a measure of business

Don't let the lack of technical solutions hinder communication and knowledge flow in your company. In the era of broadband internet access, technical barriers practically do not exist to be able to communicate from anywhere. All this should be simple and transparent to use. We offer tools for remote work.

Audio-video conferences

We offer applications enabling remote meetings and presentations for several dozen participants simultaneously.

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Instant messaging and chats for teams

We offer chat and messenger implementations to conduct both private and public conversations and discussions.

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Online collaboration

We offer implementations of tools for cooperation on documents, project management and task management.

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Audio-video conferences

Web, Mobile, Windows, Mac

Attend a meeting using a telephone, tablet or computer. You just need a web browser.

Many functions

Our tools allow screen sharing, meeting recording, text communication and much more.


Your meetings and recordings from them are 100% secure and the data can be stored on the company's server.

Instant messaging and chats

Communication in teams and channels

Don't limit yourself to one-on-one communication. Communicate in groups that reflect your teams or create completely new ones.

Conversation history

All communication is archived and ready to be searched. You can easily replay each conversation

File sharing

Good communication also means the exchange of knowledge and information. With our tools you can carry out unlimited file sharing.

Online collaboration

Create live documents in collaboration with others

Create documents with others as if everyone were in the same room.

Store project files

Give up the files on your computer and move everything to the cloud. Share with others and access files on every device.


Mind maps, Gantt charts, calendar, task list, notes and more. You can choose from hundreds of plugins to extend functionality.