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Microcaching with Nginx. A 5 minute setup with code

Microcaching is a very useful startegy when we want to setup a simple cache without complicated expiration logic. With Nginx you can set it up in 5 minutes for any website


Can you proxy MongoDB connection with Nginx? Sure you can!

Nginx is a powerful webserver and it serves well as proxy server too. I wanted to show you how easily you can setup a configuration that proxies MongoDB connection.


Scaleway - European cloud provider. A reliable assessment from our perspective

Scaleway is an infrastructure provider that was established a few years ago offering equipment based on the ARM platform. As one of the first in the world they offered their clients virtual and dedicated machines based on ARM architecture, since then a lot has changed.


Why appending to slice in Golang is dangerous? Common Slice Gotchas

There is a common misconception about how slices work in Golang. That leads to unexpected program behaviour which is suprising to many developers. In this blog post I will highlight the mechanics of a slice in Golang


Why Golang Nil Is Not Always Nil? Nil Explained

Newcoming developers starting their adventure with Golang are suprised by differencies that Golang has. One of them is the nil value...


Setup Nginx with free SSL A+ Cert from Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

Configuring your server to provide HTTPS using Let's Encrypt certificates is free and easy. All it takes is to...


How MVP helps build a great IT product

MVP means minimum viable product. The MVP product has the most important functionalities for the product, which are then tested on the market to see if it can be successful.


3-node MongoDB replica set with SystemD and metrics in Telegraf / Grafana

The replica set is a form of data replication, thanks to which data is stored on more than one node, which ensures data durability. We will set the first node as the main node, the second and third as the secondary nodes. Putting replicas is always recommended in odd numbers above 2. Both reasons have their reasons.


RabbitMQ cluster on Docker with Nodejs in 5 minute

RabbitMQ is an excellent open-source project that allows you to deliver hundreds of thousands of messages per second to your application quickly and efficiently. The following entry presents the way in which you can place a RabbitMQ cluster of three separate hosts. For this purpose, we will use Docker, and connect to the ready cluster using Node.js.


Allegra - mobile app for allergy sufferers

Today's post will be devoted to a broader description of one of our recent projects, it is an application monitoring the pollination of allergens in specific locations in Poland - Allegra.